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Dog with tongue out in grass

About Us

Customer Focused

At Pender, we strive to understand, meet, and exceed the expectations of the pet owners who seek care or services from us, distinguishing ourselves by:

  • Our friendly attitude

  • Our compassionate care

  • Our commitment to offering quality care for their pet

  • Our willingness to go out of our way to be helpful in answering client questions, educate them on the best care options for their pet, and help them with their issues or concerns to the best of our capabilities

Pet Advocates

As veterinary professionals, we will strive to be a staunch pet advocate, recommending and administering care that is in the pet’s best interest, delivered with skill and compassion.

Experts In Compassionate Care

Here at Pender Veterinary Centre, we pride ourselves on providing the absolute best service to all of our clients. We have strict standards and guidelines that help assure we can love up to that promise. Our brand is defined by 7 key characteristics that we use to guide our business. They are Compassion, Quality, Integrity, Uplifting Attitudes, Progressive Thinking, Customer-Focused Business Model, and Respect.

It is our promise to you that we are always thinking about those 7 pillars with everything we do. Because of this, all staff members must be committed to these goals to work here. Our amazing staff provides compassion and support to every animal that comes in. They have the integrity to always be open and honest with you in all circumstances. Our main focus is you, the customer, and we aim to work with you, not for you. Finally, we know that dealing with your pet's medical problems can be difficult at times so we actively try to uplift our clients whenever we can.

We are confident that these pillars of our business are what makes us stand out from the pack. We encourage you to browse our website and learn more about us, and then sign up for an appointment!